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Cosplay Meme 2016 by SakuraShinawa
Cosplay Meme 2016
As usual, you can find the original meme from :iconchikarasan: here…


By now I actually believe I will not upload anything aside from memes anymore... XD
Since I did pretty well this year (Check here… ), I think my planning ability has improved.

I only put costumes in the certain category that have a date set - in this case both are planned for Dokomi in late April/early May with a group.

There are some in the maybe section that I consider rather certain but since I don't have an event in mind yet. In fact my event schedule is a pretty big mess right now XD But that's why  I decided to be careful and list them here instead.
A few notes:
- Rin is kinda a gift to a friend, I'm not actually much into LoveLive and I probably won't ever do another costume from it
- Nodoka is only going to happen if I make up my mind about participating at DCM (German Cosplay Championship)
- Akito and Sorata are an "either" choice, I don't think I will/would do both. But you never know~

As usual: just because I don't bother listing some previous characters anymore, it doesn't mean they disappeared from my wishlist (Cries for Sinon since 2012).
Cosplay Meme 2015 by SakuraShinawa
Cosplay Meme 2015
Will I ever upload anything apart from cosplay list memes again? I don't know.
Not even linking to my Animexx will help a lot, I just hardly ever have people take pictures of me. And I don't really mind.
Anyway, template is once again from :iconchikarasan: and can be found here…

I decided on very few 100% costumes, even less than last year to be honest. Iria is finished already and Nanami I bought from a friend this year, I just need an occasion to wear her.
The other two will be completely new. Lion is a character that has jumped on and off my list several times in the past years. Let's say I blame friends for this (I am actually grateful). The full story shall be told some other time, maybe.

Unlike last year I dumped a real bunch of costumes in the maybe section.
Some of them are more likely than others and some are a "either this or that" choice. Knowing myself only 2-3 of the list will actually be made next year.
I assume that I will have to decide between Agria and Ludger, Kido and Colette, Mikleo and Edna (Although these two are a special case as I'm probably going to kick one of them off the list entirely after playing) I just don't want to decide on it now.
Sinon, Rita and Naegi highly depend on my motivation for specific conventions.
The only one that I should've moved up to certain is Ikusaba, for which I have a date and group set, but I'm not sure about the outfit to go with yet.
Tokio and Richea are wearable so I'll wait and see if my possible occasions will actually happen or not.

So yeah, long story short, I think about 4-6 new costumes a year is my maximum so don't expect me to finish everything in this list. I don't even intend to, it would be insane.

Also mind that despite not listing everything I failed at in previous years, a lot of them have not disappeared from my list and some I already have started on at some point in the past. I don't bother listing them each time, but they might still be on their (very slow) way.

Want to see what I accomplished and failed at this year? Here you go…

EDIT Mid February:
Not even two months in and I already decided to update the list. I grayed out the costumes I feel think are unlikely.
75% for Mikleo who I will probably never cosplay (I finished the game and do like him a lot, but Edna is my true love 8D).
50% for Ludger who I will not cosplay this year, I'm pretty sure of that.
25% for Colette, Rita swimsuit, Sinon, Kido and Naegi. I feel they are quite unlikely but you never know.


Artist | Hobbyist
I haven't been really active here recently... Sorry!
It's not like I don't find time to reply to favorites/etc but more like I don't take it... But I still appreciate it! Thanks for every favorite and watch m(__)m

No replies at all during the time 19.02.14-21.03.14!
I'm only linking to my blog though.
dA can't display pics without a premium account and it's so damn long it would destroy my profile xD

Beware, it's really really long. Maybe the longest event report I've ever written.…
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